Welcome to SBI-Connect

Ever wanted to have a cup of coffee with another SBI!er?

Maybe you are just curious to see if you have any other SBI!ers living in your area.

The SBI Member World Map

Now you can! The SBI Member World map is small tool that provides a way to get to know how local SBI! is for you. If you want (it's entirely optional) you can use the map to find people local to you, get in touch with them and then actually meet somebody (face to face) and have that cup of coffee...

With the SBI-Connect World Map it is possible to see other SBI!ers in your area without the need to share any of your own personal
details. We made sure that your privacy is protected, there is no need to register or log on and no need to provide an email address or even your name. You can simply browse our SBI! maps and (if you want to) place a SBI site pin on the SBI! world map yourself.

A selected website on the SBI Member World Map

You simply place a pin in the approximate area you live and tell us your SBI! site url. We then display a pin that when clicked shows your site url to visitors. If your site has a contact form people could contact you. Just like anybody could contact you using your website.

It's just fun. SBI!-Connect.com is making SBI! a little more local. We want you to be able to achieve better SBI! results by having the ability to turn to the SBI! Forums AND your local SBI! network if needed.

We see this as an extra tool you will have at your disposal as well as all the other great SBI! resources.

Andy Jones: The Creator of the SBI World Map.

Go ahead and check out the SBI! World Map and, please, don't forget to place your own SBI site pin.

See you soon on SBI-Connect - Andy.